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A Community for banners of all sorts: profile/userinfo, friends-only, etc.

Welcome to bbanners, your one-stop shop for banners. What is a banner? It's a graphic over 200 pixels wide by 100 pixels high made for use in an userinfo/profile, or as a header in a layout, or for posts/entries on LiveJournal. This is a place for all fandoms, all subjects, as long as it is a banner. Anyone can post, as long as you follow the simple guidelines below.

rules and guidelines.
  1. Unless your entry has sharable banners in it, it doesn't belong here.
  2. No more than five 100x100 icons OR one image under 400x300 pixels outside of an LJ Cut. For example icons posts, please see these entries.
  3. Please credit graphic makers, if they ask for it.
  4. Do no request graphics or ask questions in this community. Please go to graphic_arts for that.
  5. Only post banners that you made. Do not repost banners made by others under no circumstances.
  6. Be civil. No trolling, bashing, harrassing, or spamming other icon makers.
  7. Promotions are alright, as long as they relate to icons or photography. However, posts asking for members, posters, requests for/at personal graphic communities are not allowed.
  8. Linking to another post with banners alongside teasers is perfectly alright.
  9. Do try to tag your post using existing tags.
  10. If you are linking to a locked post, place a warning in your post.

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DISCLAIMER: All graphics contained within this community are sole responsibility of their creators and owners. Images and resources used for aid in making graphics are copyright and property of their creators and owners. This community in no way facilitates or encourages theft or infringement. If you have a problem with anything within this community, please contact the user in question. The moderator has no authority over individual's creative works.

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